On 11 June 2015, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport (MCYS) has invited the committee to give best practice briefings and refreshers. The Municipal Department has licensed vendors as part of their annual event with the MCYS to set up food and beverages stalls for the breaking of fast at many car park areas including the Stadium and across the Royal Regalia. BSM has been nominated to be part of their HSSE Committee.

For BSM, representatives from Retail, Hjh Sabtuyah Hj Ali and Pg Hj Shariful PSI Pg Hj Ismail delivered their refreshers on LPG Safety Awareness. The key messages were on compliance to LPG safety standard; use of BSM recommended regulators & hoses and avoiding multiple connections from cylinder to stoves. The safety guideline was not just for the vendors but also the public.

To improve the use of the recommended LPG accessories, BSM appointed distributors will make themselves available during the setting up of vendors to promote the recommended hose and regulators.