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BSM Disrupt is a hackathon competition aimed at solving impactful problems,taking advantage of Brunei’s and BSM's unique position (e.g. Brunei’s market insight, BSM Digital App, BSM retail network and / or partner ecosystem). 

Participants are first invited to ideate, research and validate an impactful problem that covers issues on Social, Economics, Ease of living and Health, and submit a video pitch on the problem and why it’s a critical issue to solve, which they will then later prototype an innovative solution.  A simple premise, but a challenging task. And now, we invite you to take up the challenge!

What is THE NEXT impactful problem to solve?



An impactful problem is an issue or challenge that affects enough demographics where a solution can reshape their (and your) world.

An example of a problem:

HOW MAY WE design a digital transaction process FOR customers at retail stations SO THAT we eliminate physical contact points.

A relevant problem based on the current COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the world to adapt to a new norm. A solution that comes to mind to resolve the issue are e-payment services, contactless cards and mobile NFC.




Participants are expected to ideate and prototype innovative disruptions such as Social commerce, AI, Big Data, AR, VR, Wearables, Apps, etc, utilizing the country’s market insights and BSM’s ecosystem (Digital App, Data, Retail and Partner network).



REGISTRATION: Call for application opens (16th October 2020 to 11th November 2020, 4-Weeks)

Register – propose - submit

  1. Participants to register in teams of 2 to 5 to participate in the hackathon.
  2. Registered participants are required to submit a 30-second video to pitch a problem.
  3. Registrations will be through Google Form (LINK HERE) - participants are required to either upload a video of their 30 seconds pitch or provide a link. For team participation - one representative can pitch a problem.


VIRTUAL OPEN DAY [Sunday, 8th November 2020]

Validate – restructure - resubmit

  1. Participants will have the opportunity to validate their idea by attending the virtual Open Day virtually where BSM will be sharing an overview - introduction, expectations, program overview and Q & A session validating the participant’s submitted problem statements.
  2. For the remainder of Week 4, participants will be given the option to either resubmit their video for innovative solutions that are in direct response to the problems stated or stick to what they have previously submitted.
  3. Participants interested to join the Virtual Open Day can register through


FILTERING, MENTORSHIP & WORKSHOPS (12th November 2020 to 21st November 2020)

Build a proposal - create a working prototype - pitch

  1. The submissions will be shortlisted by the representatives of BSM
  2. The finalists will be given the opportunity to be mentored by industry experts and participate in entrepreneurial workshops to further refine their business plan.
  3. Teams will be added into their respective groups using Microsoft Teams - a platform that will be used for project management and communication purposes between their groups and mentors.
  4. Teams are expected to start working on their idea and come up with a prototype with the help of their mentors.


PITCHING (22nd November 2020)

  1. Pitching will be held on-site, where the finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and present their prototypes in front of judges. Finalists will be given 15mins to pitch including Q&A.
  2. Participants with the most feasible business ideas, such as application to innovation, proven business model, and a working prototype will have the opportunity to win up to BND $5,000.
  3. The prize tier for the top 3 winners is worth BND $9,000.
  4. The winners will have the opportunity to collaborate and partner with BSM into further developing their business idea if applicable.


PRIZE PRESENTATION (24th November 2020)

  1. The announcement of winners and prize presentation will be held at Brunei Shell Marketing Headquarters.



Registration open (on-going) 16th October 2020 to 11th November 2020
Virtual Open Day Sunday, 8th November 2020
Final registration and submission of the 30-sec pitch video 11th November 2020
Filtering/Shortlisting of finalists 12th November 2020 to 14th November 2020
Finalists to join BSM Disrupt MS Teams Channel 15th November 2020
Mentorship sessions, Workshops & building prototype 16th November to 21st November 2020
Pitch Day Sunday, 22nd November 2020 
Announcement of Winners and Prize Presentation Tuesday, 24th November 2020



  • Opportunity to reshape and innovate the world!
  • BSM Disrupt is more than a competition, it brings together unique tech and ideas to life.
  • Get a chance to network with professionals, gain new skills and get a chance for mentorship, win cash prize and partnership with BSM.



You can register your team into BSM Disrupt by filling up and submitting the form on this link HERE.