BSM Disrupt Google Form


BSM Disrupt is a hackathon program and a competition that serves as a platform for Brunei Shell Marketing (BSM) to source new business partners. The platform targets start-ups and businesses with at least a minimum viable product MVP with a proven operation/revenue track record. The BSM Disrupt hackathon program is a sprint-like event with the objective of crowdsourcing ideas on how to solve a problem or improve a current service within the BSM Company’s sphere of influence.

The aim of the event is also to kickstart the developers’ involvement in proactively improving the ecosystem.



REGISTRATION OPEN Monday, 14th November 2022

Wednesday, 16th November 2022,

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Brunei Innovation Lab, KHub, Anggerek Desa

REGISTRATION DEADLINE Monday, 5th December 2022, 12:00 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT OF FINALISTS Thursday, 8th December 2022
OPEN DAY - 2 Monday, 28th November 2022
PITCH DAY (TENTATIVE) Monday, 12th December 2022


  • Opportunity to reshape and innovate the world!
  • BSM Disrupt is more than a competition. It brings together unique tech and ideas to life.
  • Get a chance to network with professionals, gain new skills, validate ideas, win cash prizes and partner with BSM.


You can register your team into BSM Disrupt by filling up and submitting the form on this link BSM Disrupt 2022


  1. Participants must be above 18 years old.
  2. Registrants must have and be operating under a registered business.
  3. Registrants must include a video submission of a business pitch (up to 1-minute and 30 seconds) with the registration.


  1. How will you design an agile, lean and competitive Lubricant distribution model for a distributor so that there is a frictionless customer (i.e. Independent workshops, convenience retail and MSME) acquisition process and incentivised repeat buys?
  1. Brunei Shell Marketing has been the sole provider of Petrol in the Nation - with 39 Retail Stations across four (4) districts at crucial community and business centres. How would you, a potential business partner, take advantage of this opportunity should you have extended access to this retail network?
  1. Being the sole fuel provider, BSM is not only the leading service provider to car drivers but also to car passengers and households (BSM being the supplier for LPG). How would you, a potential business partner, enhance the customer's experience and satisfaction through other targeted services or products (fuel or non-fuel)? Should you be collaborating with BSM to serve the customer base?
  1. Brunei Shell Marketing is a trusted brand by the customer and our partners. Part of that trust includes the assurance that our products are genuine and intended for the Brunei Market.         How do we ensure that the customer can be confident that a product is authentic and designed for the Brunei market?


Participants are to focus on the problem sets - Visions or any solution listed are for example purposes only. Participants may propose solutions outside the set criteria so long as they fit the theme and solve the problem. Any proposals will need to take into consideration HSSE and regulatory requirements.


REGISTRATION: Call for application opens (14th November 2022 to 5th December 2022, 3-Weeks).

Register – propose - submit

  1. Participants are to register within the registration timeline.
  2. Registered participants must submit a maximum of one (1) minute and 30-second video to pitch.
  3. Participants may follow the video submission guide on how to submit a pitch video.
  4. Registrations will be through Google Form (LINK BSM Disrupt 2022) - participants will be required to either upload a video of their one (1) minute 30-second pitch or provide a link. For team participation - one representative can pitch the problem.

OPEN DAY [16th November 2022 & 28th November 2022]

Validate – restructure - resubmit

  1. Participants can validate their idea by attending the Open Day at Brunei Innovation Lab, KHub Building.
  2. This is an opportunity where BSM will share an overview - introduction, expectations, program overview and Q & A session validating the participant’s submitted problem statements.
  3. For the remainder of Week 3, participants will be given the option to either resubmit their video for innovative solutions that directly respond to the problems stated or stick to what they have previously submitted.


Shortlisted nominees will be announced directly and are required to confirm their availability to attend the Pitch Day,

PITCHING (Tentatively 12th December 2022)

  1. Pitching will be held on-site, where the finalists will pitch their business ideas and present their prototypes in front of judges. Finalists will have 15mins to pitch, including Q&A.
  2. Participants with the most feasible business ideas, such as application to innovation, proven business model, and a working prototype, will have the opportunity to win up to BND 5,000.
  3. The winners will have the opportunity to collaborate and partner with BSM to develop their business idea further if applicable.

PRIZE PRESENTATION (to be announced)

  1. Announcement of winners and prize presentation.


Creating an Elevator Pitch

Key Points

An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you can use to spark interest in what your organisation does. It needs to be succinct while conveying important information.

Components to be included in the pitch:

Component 1: Your product name and category.

Component 2: The problem you are attempting to solve.

Component 3: Your proposed solution.

Component 4: The key benefit of your solution

To craft a great pitch, follow these steps:

Identify your goal.

Explain what you do.

Communicate your USP.

Engage with a question.

Put it all together.




  1. You only have a maximum of 1-minute and 30 seconds. Practice your script and body language.
  2. Use natural lighting where possible. Ensure your setup is such that the light comes from behind the camera.
  3. Film in landscape rather than portrait.
  4. Make your video enjoyable. Instead of standing next to a banner or filming against a plain background, a film in your workspace or with your products. Keep it interesting, but don’t overcomplicate things.
  5. Check your audio quality before submitting, and avoid using shaky footage.

For more information , please contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and on Instagram @bsmdisrupt